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Nettlecombe Parish Council Information




MARILYN CROTHERS                      640787

Chair                                                  Egypt Cottage   Washford
Dunster Panel                                   Watchet   TA23 0LY

ENP Parish Forum                  

BEN LINTOTT                                    640276 (home)

Vice-Chair                                          07973 238731 (mobile)

Planning                                            The Cottage  Huish Barton Farm
Watchet   TA23 0LU


DOMINIC MAHLICH                        641576 (home)

Highways                                          Beggearnhuish Farm

                                                           Watchet   TA23 0LZ


IAIN MACKIE                                    641391

                                                           Beggearn Huish Manor

                                                           Watchet   TA23 0LZ


OLIVER REYNOLDS                          640332 (home)

                                                           Lower Berrymans   Beggearn Huish

                                                           Watchet  TA23 0LZ


ELIZABETH SCOTT                            640354 (home)

                                                           Home Farm   Nettlecombe

                                                           Williton  TA4 4HS


ROBIN WICHARD                            641022

Footpaths                                         Yarde Mill House  Yarde

                                                           Williton  TA4 4HW



MARY COLES                                    640976 (home)

Clerk                                                  07745 316 486  (mobile)

                                                           Orchard Mead   Roadwater

                                                           Watchet  TA23 0RB



County Councillor for Dunster Ward:

Christine Lawrence    01643 707889

West Somerset Councillors for Old Cleeve Ward:

Martin Dewdney   01984 640588  mdewdney@west

Kate Kravis   01984 641592            kate.kravis@west



At present we are holding meetings at the EMN Hall every 3 months on the third Monday of the month starting at 8 pm:

November, February, May (AGM), August

All residents are welcome to attend.

Check the Parish noticeboards at Yarde, Woodford, Torre and the Church noticeboard to confirm location, date and time of meetings or contact the Parish Clerk.

The minutes are displayed on the Parish website or the Clerk can supply copies of previous council minutes via email or at 50p per hard copy set.

Minutes of Parish Council Meetings can be found via the linked page.


The latest Standing Orders are at the following link:

Standing Orders-Nettlecombe



The parish of Nettlecombe stretches from just below Ralegh’s Cross in the south (excluding Chidgley) to Torre and Fair Cross in the North.  To the East it stretches to Yarde, Woodford and Colton and to the West to Beggearn Huish and Woodadvent.  Most of the parish is within Exmoor National Park.  There is an electorate of about 150.


The Parochial Church Council (which is separate from the Parish Council) run Nettlecombe Church and are keen to ensure as many residents as possible are kept informed of activities taking place in the Church.  To receive the Church newsletter please contact Jane Wynne (01984 640743).



EMN Hall Events

The Elworthy, Monksilver and Nettlecombe (EMN) Community Hall serves the three parishes and is the venue for a great variety of events throughout the year.  The regular activities are shown below, but please also go to the ‘EMN Hall’ and ‘Events’ pages for more information.

Weekly Events
Monday evening (Autumn/Winter)      Dog training classes
Mrs Jan Auton


Tuesday morning          Pilates classes from 9:30am
Jo Davenport   01823 336126

Tuesday evening           Table tennis from 7:30pm
John Notley  01984 656468


Wednesday evening   Short mat bowls
Bill Tricker  01984 656583


Thursday  6pm               Art classes

Friday  10:00am              Art classes

Sarah Cade  01984 656105


Monthly Events
1st Tuesday in month at 7pm  Village Gardening Club
Sylvia Jay  01984 656582


3rd Tuesday in month                 West Somerset Village History Society
Marilyn Crothers  01984 640787